All photos were taken with my iPhone 5


Happy Weekend

So far my weekend has been wonderful, guys.

It started with a new succulent, which is great. I don’t know why I love these weird looking little plants so much.

On Wednesday, my boyfriend surprised my by coming to visit a day earlier than we had planned. It was adorable and I smiled so much that day that my cheeks hurt a little. No one ever really plans surprises like that for me so it felt extra special.

And so we’ve been going to lots of downtown St. Pete staple places like Kahwa coffee, Hooker Tea and the Banyan Cafe and also new places that I’ve never been to before like this hallway and the Lemon Grass Sushi Bar (which was incredibly delicious). If you have never been to St. Petersburg, FL before, I highly recommend it. I love my city.

(Above: Kahwa Coffee South cappuccinos)

Today, we will finish out the weekend by eating some more Lemon Grass Sushi take-out under banyan trees by the Vinoy and then running all that off later at a park by my house. So cute, I know.

Tell me about your weekend!

Have a beautiful day.

I can’t wait to see what my graduating high school class looks like in 10 years.